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Our services

Industrial washing

  • A unique facility in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for not only MAXI package sizes.

We wash

  • plastic boxes with dimensions up to 1200 x 1000 x XXXX mm
  • plastic pallets
  • pallet covers
  • KTP boxes
  • and more

Clean Intention – Clean Solution for your Company, for your Suppliers

NEXT-ON Group a.s.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate holder

is a Czech company focusing on industrial cleaning and washing of plastic packaging, boxes, crates and support of production plants and their production and logistics processes – we professionally and reliably clean returnable packaging in the automotive, manufacturing or food industry. Most often, we focus on cleaning packaging that is used for storage or for the final packaging of products destined for customers or suppliers. Clean packaging material is not only a business card of the company, but also a necessary part for clean production areas and smooth production and distribution. Our company is the only one in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that also cleans MAXI plastic boxes with dimensions of 1200×1000 mm. We also clean plastic pallets and their covers, KTP boxes, but also smaller packaging materials such as blisters or smaller boxes. The entire process is in maximum compliance with the requirements for environmental protection.

We wash boxes, crates, pallets, lids and other parts of returnable packaging for suppliers of the automotive industry (so-called Tier 1), who deliver their products in boxes washed by us, e.g. to car manufacturers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bavaria, Germany and other prestigious car manufacturers .

Our services are used not only by the automotive industry, but also by the engineering and partially food industries, simply by everyone who wants to reduce their costs for impurities on their products. We know from our experience that a small investment in clean packaging is returned many times over in reducing the cost of poor quality.

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Blister 6203120


The washing, cleaning and unpolishing of these types of so-called "blister" packaging takes place in a special mode so that we can remove both dust and metallic or glass fibers and dirt. Our customer uses these packages to store delicate products that he sends to a Bavarian car manufacturer.

Blister 6203120


And this is how it turned out after cleaning up our company.

Big BOX ... KIT


Washing, cleaning of these oversized boxes takes place at slow speed, higher washing temperatures and hot drying to achieve sufficient cleanliness. Our customer uses these boxes for the production and storage of parts for the production of electric motors. The required cleanliness is high even for such large boxes. These boxes are washed and dried using the maximum power and performance of our equipment.

Big BOX ... KIT


A box that has been through our washing line and thoroughly dried.

EPP boxes dusty from the paint factory


Washing and cleaning of so-called EPP boxes of different densities takes place in our processes every day. EPP points from powder paint or dust, or other impurities are washed under conditions in special chemistry and at different temperatures and washing pressures of water, to achieve ideal cleanliness, and therefore to be able to dry the washed box perfectly, namely different densities of the materials used. We wash these boxes for a component manufacturer for a car company in Germany producing luxury cars since 1931.

EPP boxes dusty from the paint factory


Special chemistry will help to wash the box perfectly.

KLT box


Not only blisters or boxes from dust, but also boxes extremely dirty from production processes are washed and cleaned in set modes and on certain days. These boxes from oil and dirt after machining are perfectly washed and dried using the maximum conditions of the equipment. These boxes must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure the required output cleanliness. The boxes are used by manufacturers of brake components for fast cars.

KLT box


Subsequently, the boxes are perfectly clean without grease.

Oversized pallets


Oversized pallets from dust and grease are cleaned at very slow wash speeds, at the highest wash pressure and dried in and out of the facility. These pallets are used for the paper and packaging industry for food packaging, so their cleanliness and integrity is a requirement.

Oversized pallets


We are also not afraid of large pieces, for which perfect cleaning is a condition.

Blister - automotive parts holder


Blister – parts holder for the automotive industry with delivery to Czech, German and Austrian car manufacturers. Before applying the wash, the blister is very dirty with oils and petroleum jelly, which when mixed with dust particles form an abrasive paste. These impurities are removed by using special additives in the washing water and at higher washing and drying temperatures than usual packaging.

Blister - automotive parts holder


No trace of oil or vaseline. Thanks to the higher temperatures in the washing and drying process, everything is clean.

Benefits for you


A big benefit is the reduction of costs and claims for poor quality that affect products, as well as savings for internal cleaning of halls, thanks to the reduction of dirt from the packaging that is introduced into the internal environment.


Ensuring the cleanliness of the packaging units, the production environment, elimination of contamination from packaging stored outdoors, reduction in the use of gloves due to their longer service life due to greater cleanliness.


Industrial packaging cleaning ensures the satisfaction of end customers, minimizing complaints and smooth passage of audits. It will also ensure a clean work environment that your employees will also appreciate.


Thanks to the elimination of dust from the packaging into the internal environment, greater safety is also ensured for electrical parts that are sensitive to the presence of dust.


Industrial packaging cleaning complies with quality standards and VDA 19.2 reliability and safety of components in the automotive industry.


1. Double washing and drying system

Double washing and drying system using special rotary nozzles that multiply the efficiency of the process.

2. High dirt removal efficiency

High efficiency of removing dust, grease, oils, particles from the outdoor environment, impurities from production processes.

3. Closed washing circuit - stainless steel solution

Closed washing water circuit and in accordance with environmental protection standards. The parts are made of stainless steel material.

4. Adjustable temperature of the washing and drying process

Adjustable temperature of the washing and drying process with enormous flexibility of use for a large portfolio of packaging units.

5. Flexible line throughput settings

Flexible setting of the throughput of the line for different package sizes, so that each piece is perfectly cleaned.

6. Final protective packaging

The final protective packaging for protection against outdoor dirt will extend the shelf life of clean packaging in warehouses and outdoor areas.

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